We are all longing for that one thing

We are scared to get hurt 

Yet we cannot help going for it



Water is always my best cure 

For it cleans the outside 

As well as it cleanses from within

Either strolling along the seaside 

Getting stunned by the boundryless ocean

Or jumping into the water

Being embraced by the ocean

It soothes my soul, ease my pain

Offers peace, calmness and relaxing mind

As long as you can handle the darkness coldness and pin drop silence when drowning deep down

Cages in Life

Cages, we are all living in. Sometimes we are so happy that we think we successfully escaped, pathetically the truth is that we are just moving from one to another. It seems there is no way out that we will be traped for the entire life. However, the real break free does exist, it is just a matter of time. It doesn’t matter how hard we try, time will teach us. When we are old enough, when we have our eyes and hearts wide open, when we can let bygone be bygone, when we learn how to live the day . . . . Then it is time. For this, I am still learning now. . . .

Going thru

Life is a game in which you have to pass thru one level to another.. if you are lucky enough, every level is just easy peasy, you will tick all the boxes and go to the promised land.. but most likely, you will get stuck, unable to see your path ahead, your mind got drown in the never ending loop of memory and it takes everything in you to step back.. n there are only two choices, either work your fingers to the bone to get thru it or close your eyes end it once and for all.. this is life.. tick it or take it